Linda Carroll-Bradd
~Heartwarming romance laced with sass~
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Welcome to my website for stories about people overcoming obstacles to build a strong romantic bond. Humor is part of the mix and the locations often have a tie to Texas, either in this century or in ones past. Come, the magic of love.

Above is a link to the January/February issue of BTS magazine where I have a cover included in a group ad with My Sexy Saturday authors.
Information on Fiction Fanatics Feud!

Each month, a group of author give away a first place prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a second place prize of one free ebook by each of our ten FFF authors!!!!

You can gain entries several ways. Find all the details on our Fiction Fanatics Feud page: Fiction Fanatics Feud on Facebook where we post three new questions each week based on the popular Family Feud TV Show. 

Answer fun questions such as…
Question 1:
Name something that shines.
Question 2:
Name something you might find on your car windshield.
Question 3:
During an argument, what might a teen do that would make their parents really angry.

On the Facebook page, you will see this month’s image. Find that image on my website to earn an entry. 
You can earn more chances by visiting each of these authors, finding the image on their site, and sending an email to with the following info in the subject line: Your Name – Author Name. In the body of the email, insert the link to the page where the image was found. Send a separate email for each author. (You must join our FFF Facebook page to qualify)

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